How to get Yourself Out of a Funk

How to get Yourself Out of a Funk

                Lately I’ve noticed that when I feel deterred from my goals it’s usually for the following reasons. I’m writing them here for you and myself so we can learn from these three common mistakes. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to get myself back into ship-shape! Read below to see if you’re making these mistakes and how we can overcome them.

Mistake #1:

You make this promise to yourself that you’re finally going to work on your project! Whether it be your blog, writing your novel, goal planning, etc. Well, guess what? I break that promise to myself and a lot of times it’s something super simple that’s holding me back and I’ll tell you what it is…sleep.

I’m not getting enough of it! And because of this I’m not achieving any of those daily goals I place for myself because I feel too exhausted. So from now on I’m making myself a bed time. Apparently sleep is too important of an ingredient for finishing tasks-so yup, I’m putting my foot down and getting my butt back into gear! From now on I’m setting a time that I need to be in bed by and no-pinning and tweeting is not allowed!

Mistake #2:

You’ve been getting way too distracted…by EVERYTHING! Do you find yourself doing the following excessively?

  • Social media (Guilty-I’m a pinterest addict!)
  • Reading a book
  • Watching a movie or going the distance on a TV show marathon
  • Penciling in another friend hangout that wasn’t on your schedule
  • Family hogging all your personal time

First, let me start off by saying there’s nothing wrong with doing any of the above! It’s when you fail to put yourself first time and time again-Houston, we’ve got ourselves a problem.

You need to shut away all the distractions and schedule your tasks filed under your personal/career goals, whether it be weight loss or business related. Until you start making more time for your goals you are continuously going to get distracted. So do yourself a favor and try the following:

  • Set your phone to silent/off.
    • By doing this you are less likely to answer a text/call/invite out.
    • No distractions or pings from Facebook or Snapchat-whichever your go to social media app is.
    • Tip: you could also hide your phone to keep yourself from doing the things above and taking pics/videos of your cute furbabies 24/7.
  • Create a schedule for goal tasks
    • Prioritize 3 important tasks of the day
    • Make a future goal list for every day, week, or month.
      • Examples: Write 10 chapters for novel, Blog 1-2 times weekly, create goal outline, etc.
      • You are more likely to achieve your daily tasks when you write down specific things on your to do list. 😉

Mistake #3:

You’re getting bored of your usual everyday work routine. Go shake it up! Go to a coffee shop or fast food restaurant or your local library with free WiFi. This will help you focus by creating a mental and physical place for workloads. It’s scientifically proven that if you try to do important tasks where you do leisure activities you are less likely to achieve anything. So you should be doing the following:

  • Find your work place
  • Clean up your zone
  • Organize your thoughts with a bullet journal and mind dump
  • Plan ahead with daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals
  • Stick to it and reward yourself with little treats to make it all worth it!

I hope this list helped you learn from any habits you’ve been doing as well as getting your thoughts set in the right direction. Comment below with any tips that help you get out of your funk of not being productive!


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