Discovering the Outlet for Your Muse

Discovering the Outlet for Your Muse: Should You Handwrite or Type? The Pros + Cons via

Do you ever wonder if you should handwrite or type your written project? I have. MANY times. Like, so many times it’s ridiculous at how indecisive I am. So I figured, why not make a pro/con list of each method so I can once and for all decide which is best for my writing habits? (As well as for your lovely eyes of course 😉 Read on so you can learn which sounds more appealing to you and works best for your own muse!

Handwrite Type
Pro: Handwriting your thoughts and ideas get the creative juices flowing in our brain – it’s been scientifically proven (see resources listed below this list). Pro: If you type fast you can keep up with your quick thoughts.
Con: You may not write fast enough to get all your ideas on paper before they disappear forever. Con: You may not tap into your muse as deeply as you would with handwriting.
Pro: Writing on paper gives you more room in a sense to put little notes all over your work next to your thoughts. Pro: You can see where you have mistakes and typos in which you can use auto correct.
Con: Handwriting can be messy. Con: Editing can get in the way of typing out your ideas if you have trouble focusing on not editing as you go.
Pro: Written log is nice to have if the internet goes down or technical issues occur causing you to lose work. Pro: Typing leaves your project neat and clean.
Con: You only have one source of where your thoughts are listed. Con: Technical issues can leave you frustrated when all your work could be lost.
Pro: Can enhance the quality of your handwriting. Pro: Ability to cut and paste or save on many platforms or medias.
Pro: ALL THE PENS! I’m pretty sure it’s in a writer’s DNA to automatically have a love for office supplies. Or maybe it’s just me… Pro: Nifty tech at the touch of your fingertips. I love the sound of the click-click-click. ❤ Who doesn’t love an awesome laptop or desktop to play with?
Con:…Having to pay for all those pens…and pencils…and notebooks. Don’t look at me – they’re super cute. I have NO self-control, what so ever. Con: You have upkeep on the tech. Battery packs, chargers, virus protection, cleaning space on your memory take time or money to update.
Pro: You will be more likely to remember what you handwrote versus what you’ve typed. Pro: It’s the only way to publish your words to be created into digital content (such as ebooks) or physical books.
Con: It’s unprofessional to publish handwritten words for a novel or blog, but hey – whatever floats your boat. If that’s a thing you want to do, go for it! Con: You are less likely to remember everything that you’ve typed. This is due to not having as many parts of your brain being activated while typing.

So now I ask you this – does one method appeal to you more than the other?

From now on (at least for the near future) I will probably handwrite any prewriting projects and notes. As for writing a rough draft, I will be typing it out on a laptop/computer as long as I have a charge on my device! This is due to my hand not being able to keep up with the continuous ideas that run through my head.

Do you have any of your own tips or insight on how you take notes and write? Comment them below so we can discuss (because I’m a HUGE nerd that way)!

Happy whimsies!

xoxo, Ashley


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