Hey, new BFF! I’m assuming you’re here to learn some things about me so I will throw some facts out there for you!

I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in May of 2015. Since then I have worked full time as an Administrative Assistant in an office. I’m paying the bills which include and are definitely not limited to my student loans. I’m working towards my goal of getting out of debt all while saving money towards my dream wedding for my future husband and I which we are planning for July 22, 2017! For about the past year we’ve been renovating our first house we bought shortly after becoming engaged in April of 2015! The past year has been the greatest and biggest year of our lives! To say we are totally psyched would be an understatement!

Some other side notes about me: I love to read, like, A LOT! Seriously, I have an addiction to requesting a million books from the library! When I’m not reading, I’m writing and creating goals. I’m obsessed with printables and pinterest! I love everything about rain, especially the smell (which is referred to as petrichor if you didn’t know 😉 and thunderstorms are the best! Also, I like to research DIY and come up with new ideas for our wedding!

My mission is to help you become a more creative and authentic you! I want to add inspiration and creativity to your day so you can live the dream! So please do me the honor of signing up for email updates for my posts so that you can be the first to read them! I would love it if you would take a moment of your time to drop a comment on my page to let me know what you think. If there’s a topic you’d like to read more about, send me an email at whimsiesofanerdgirl@gmail.com with your request and I will gladly consider it!

Together we’ll turn that daydreaming into doing. 😉

Happy whimsies!

xoxo, Ashley


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