Discovering the Outlet for Your Muse

Do you ever wonder if you should handwrite or type your written project? I have. MANY times. Like, so many times it's ridiculous at how indecisive I am. So I figured, why not make a pro/con list of each method so I can once and for all decide which is best for my writing habits? (As well as for your lovely eyes of course 😉 Read on so you can learn which sounds more appealing to you and works best for your own muse!


How to get Yourself Out of a Funk

                Lately I’ve noticed that when I feel deterred from my goals it’s usually for the following reasons. I’m writing them here for you and myself so we can learn from these three common mistakes. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to get myself back into ship-shape! Read below to see if you’re … Continue reading How to get Yourself Out of a Funk